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Interview given on January 30, 2019 to Record News show on presumption of death.

“Formation of Brazilian inheritance law and limitations of an efficient succession planning”. Talk given at the Congress “Casi controversi in materia di diritto delle successioni. Esperienze italiane e straniere”, organized by Università di Verona (Verona, December 14-15, 2018).

“Horizontal effectiveness of fundamental rights”. Talk given at the Lecture Series on Fundamental Rights organized by Escola Paulista da Magistratura (São Paulo, November 21, 2018).

“The social function of the contract and dignity of the human person”. Lecture given at Jornada Jurídica Unip São José dos Campos, organized by Universidade Paulista (São José dos Campos, October 20, 2018).

“Social function of the contract”. Talk given at the Discussion Series ‘30th Anniversary of the Constitution’, organized by the Federal University of São Paulo (Osasco, October 1, 2018).

“Cultural Dimension of Brazilian Law: Human dignity as an argumentative device in the implementation of the social function of the contract”. Talk given at the 4th Colloquium “Aspectos da Lusofonia”, organized by the Heidelberg University Institute of Translation and Interpreting (Heidelberg, June 4, 2014).

“Human dignity as an argumentative device in the case law of the STJ on the social function of the contract”. Talk given at the Congress ‘Dignidade humana no século 21’, organized by PUC-RS (Porto Alegre, October 1-2, 2013).

“Einflüsse der deutschen Rechtswissenschaft auf die Auslegung des Allgemeinen Teils in Brasilien”. Talk given at the Congress “Allgemeiner Teil des Zivilrechts - Entstehungsgeschichte, Entwicklungslinien und Grundbegriffe - Historisch-vergleichende Debatte zum Deutschen, Brasilianischen und Polnischen Recht”, organized by the University of Poznań (October 15-17, 2010).

Lecture given at the Law School of the University of Poznań on Roman legal traditions in Brazilian Civil Law (Poznań, October 18, 2010).

“Das portugiesische Namensrecht”. Talk given at the 1st Congress of the research group of the Heidelberg, Nancy and Basel Law Schools “Konvergenz der Rechte” (Heidelberg, November 5-7, 2009).

“Die europäischen Traditionen im Brasilianischen Erbrecht”. Talk given at the 18th Annual Congress of Associação Lusa-Alemã de Juristas (Heidelberg, November 14-15, 2008).

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